Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jammu and Kashmir - Current Land Crisis

Recent turmoil in J&K over the land issue has captured more than necessary media attention. The important point is, this issue is being projected as matter of significant national importance. The recent pool result published by The Times on India has added fuel to the fire. This shows how simple propaganda items can steal the share of recognition that truly significant issues like Olympics should otherwise get.
I strongly believe, there are many others, that this J&K issue should not have been given so much of hype, and I have reasons for that. First, J&K is an Indian state like any other state and 40 acres of land transfer-whether right or wrong- can be at max a regional issue. Just because some hooligans - most of them don't even know the history of J&K- have high jacked the political set up and taken the parts for ransom, does not make it a national issue. How many of you think that Rajkumar issue in Karnatka was a national issue, when millions were on road doing something similar. I am not at all interested in the merit of the incidence rather pure events and incidents.
Second, whatever is happening is pure and clear complicity between Pakistan's ISI and Ideologically bankrupt Hurriyat Conference. If I draw a logical analogy, Hurriyat is behaving like ULFA in Assam. Hurriyat is a bunch of self centered, fascist motley crews. They have no progressive agenda, have no solution for any problem. They are left with one and only one work - to act as ISI's puppet.
There is another angle to it, after the present chaotic change in Pakistan and impulsive democratic movement- again motivated by personal agenda rather than democratic principles- ISI is feeling shaky. It’s similar to what happened in NATO camp after USSR dismemberment. NATO was looking for its relevance in the new uni-polar world and Central Europe became the scapegoat. Similarly, ISI's role is being questioned in Pakistan and so they are doing this exercise in Kashmir valley. Therefore, the whole issue is again regional and functionally has diplomatic and military connotation- nothing national in this.
Third and the most important is the inept- I will use this moderate word- Indian leadership. Indian leadership is so engrossed with 123 agreement that they just could not react on time. Any foresighted "political" leader could have guessed it, the moment this issue started. They should have dealt this with due firmness and objectivity in the very beginning. This matter of regional- I will not call it minor- significance demanded pro active optimal treatment, which our leaders simply failed to deliver on. This raises the point and pertinent question- shouldn’t we need strong political leader than a good intellectual leader! After all, we are in a power race. No one gives a damn to what Japan say, when it comes to Japan vs China- I believe you got my point!
So analyzing it from different angles it is clear that it is pure, artificially turned complicated issue is regional and of regional significance.
I will describe why I am harping on regional word in my next article. .

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Aroha said...

hey pretty good analysis and I do agree that this issue was given more importance than was required. In fact, the issue had reached a point where pseudo-intellectuals like Arundhati Roy-the one book wonder, were calling for secession of Kashmir from India