Friday, October 3, 2008

Sojourn - this summer

Sojourn - a lasting memory

It was this summer, just before we went on different paths,
We had been to the mountains, the hills, the jungle
It was all there, all around, canvassing for more and more visitors!
It all started with that gentle, slow, rhythmic wind,
It was so freezing and made the body shiver,
I miss the pain of the piercing chilly wind.
That full moon night and lonely house,
Cocooned, isolated amidst the vastness of the jungle
We sitting together, sipping cuppa lethargically,
Realizing how small our legs were, wishing we could stretch more,
Striving to make sense out of the unfathomable mountains and drifting clouds,
Sitting in the middle of the jungle, trying to preserve the flickering candle light,
It was empty all around, blanketed with indefinable silence,
The darkness was getting deeper and deeper and trees were looking scary,
But I still long for that peeping moonlight.
That non ending rain, falling on the roof,
One drop is so frustrating but synchronized with infinite others,
They were sounding so dear, so soothing,
The clinking sound of the glasses filled with drinks,
We were all feeling high and aspiring for more,
I still remember the movement of the bodies what we called dance.
It was this summer, just before….

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