Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nice People and Poor Thing

Man or woman, doesn't matter
It's not gender sensitive, when it comes to that all but few are same
You can see it, all there, all around, just like algae.
They have a passion for poverty - they love poverty
They would go all the way to make poor feel poor.
They want to help, always eager to help
Things who are in no position to offer any competition
They don't like competitive world for those things
They invite suggestions, they are very welcoming for others viewpoints
What confirms with already decided, find the right path,
Others are "very good point", left for the not so good people.
They work for social good, they love self-less people!
They encourage right habits, promote best approaches to live life
Though they have never spent a night in that life!
Laughing is good for health and they want them to laugh
Crying is good for eyes so don't feel bad if you cry
Savings is a good habit as it helps in later age - "shame they drink and don't save"
The list goes on and on and on...
It is just a matter of time,
One day one among those "Poor Things", will get to know the real thing
Even imagination is scary, it can be bloody really bloddy..!!!!


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