Friday, November 3, 2017


I am grateful, I am so grateful
For taking care of me, for taking care of my life
I am thankful, I am so thankful.
For tolerating me for so long, for managing with all my nuisance,
I may not have done enough, I may not have expressed enough,
But you are my life, you are my ultimate source of happiness.
I may frown upon you, I may shout at you for even my own mistakes;
I may hurt you, I may hurt your feelings;
I don’t have a justification, I cannot have a justification,
But I have one confession, it was never intentional,
It was never to drive you away, it was never from any sense of superiority.
I knew I needed you, you didn’t need me
I knew I would be lonely, I knew I would be left with nothing
I hope you forgive me like you always do.
Whatever I am good or bad, nice or rude
I am yours and truly yours!
Al the twilight of my life, if granted a wish for one thing, only one thing;
I want to have you next to me, when I leave this world
I would wish for your hands in my hands, your eyes to see my own image
I would wish for your company, and only yours!
My life was like some drifting clouds, and it is still like a drifting cloud
But this cloud has company, and you helped me find a purpose in this drift
I know I drifted long time back, I saw it happening, happening in front of my eyes
I know, I let it go.
I am still happy, very happy and so my dear

I am thankful, very thankful!

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