Sunday, July 13, 2008


I thought, I decided, I came and I stayed
I felt as if I constituted it and it was comprised of “including me”;
I failed to discern the reality of simmering waves,
It looked like shining gems, shining till perpetuity,
I forgot the lesson learnt early, probably it was too early to be learnt,
“Existence” of perpetuity is always “assumed”,
I promise I will never forget again!
I was told, I was advised, and I believed never questioned,
It seemed “pious”, without supplementary hope”,
But it was there, it was always there, intrinsically engraved;
I could not read the written, I missed it,
I promise I will never miss again!
I opened; I explored, and delved deep,
I picked up “speed”, without bothering for “velocity”,
Relied for direction to the observers,
But they were in a different frame of reference,
There were differences, fundamentally clear yet blurred,
It was distinctively discreet in principle,
Sham of malice was metamorphosed into perceived pragmatism,
I drifted with the flow,
I promise I will never drift again!
The Greatest Show!
I have been a part of a show,
A show where everyone is an observer,
Everyone is performer,
Everyone looks at each other but,
No one watches anyone else,
Everyone is spotted, no one is noticed.
This show is unique but repetitive- not iterative,
It has been happening since eternity.
Every character is alive,
Just some trivial things are changed,
Souls have been replaced by precious stones,
Blood cells are replaced by apple juice.
This show has no entry or exit fee,
Some characters think they run the show,
But alas! They are also characters.
This show is very chaotic,
Chaos is synchronized in an order.
Everyone speak different languages, but
Lips movements are same.
Here duties are performed, responsibilities are delivered,
With a minor deviation-
Everyone decides their own duties and responsibilities,
No one intervene, they just interrupt.
There is so much more, just little less than the imagination!
Let the Mind drift, let the soul venture,
Don't run behind purposes in life,
Life is by definition random, yet the only tangible thing,
It will end by the time you discern,
It never had a purpose, it never had an end.
Do remember the wonderers you come across your way,
No one is here for you,
Everyone is one of you,
You remember the wonderers as it constitutes your identity,
Identity is so elusive, yet you want to have one.
The day you realize,
There is no identity, its all illusion,
You feel relaxed.
The day you internalize the truth,
There were no wonderers,
They were all travelers destined to same end,
You will transgress the boundaries of conscience of obligation and guilt.
Let the Mind drift….

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