Sunday, July 13, 2008

Short Stories

The maid and the book

He was staying alone in an apartment. For the last five years, since he took divorce, he had been doing his things on his own. Recently he had hired a maid to give himself some more time to do other things in life! The maid was quite professional and efficient. Within couple of weeks, she could build enough trust. Initially, he used to stay back while she was working. Soon he got a new key and gave it to the maid. Now the maid used to come and finish work while he was not at home. One day when the maid came, he was at home. He asked the maid not to come again, gave her some money, more than her dues. The maid was surprised and asked if he didn't like her work. He said nothing and gave her a paper, he had written something on. The maid opened it, " if you find a book on dinner table before keeping it back to bookshelf ensure three things. First, the book is kept mistakenly, second the owner of the book knows that the book should be kept in bookshelf and anyone would keep it there only, third the owner knows that you know the previous two facts. This is to help you for your future job", were the sentences written on the paper. The maid folded the paper back, looked at his face, smiled and left.

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