Monday, August 31, 2009

Changing Times

Oh child!
You are born with everything- everything!
Childhood milk gets metamorphosed in simulated emotions,
You throw up the former out of ignorance; you cough up the later with full cognizance
Initially your feet imitate animals, later every move mirrors animals
Your changing faces, was so puzzling yet so enjoyable,
Now even your fixed gestures, creates confusion,
You enjoyed listening fictitious stories,
Now you derive pleasure from concocting stories,
At times, you tend to sense the changing waves,
But let the waves cross making yourself invisible – covered under the blanket of “time”
Oh Child,
You take refuse under the unfathomable mist of changing time,
You transform a simple word “life”, into a metaphysical question
Thus you overcome your conscience, and call this pragmatism
Oh Child!
You were born with everything, still you desired more,
You worked hard to transform mere desire into necessity,
It all started with simplification,
It can be simplified in one way – only one way,
Every other way could only complicate,
You forgot this lesson, or may be you simply ignored.

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