Monday, August 31, 2009


You are like Kafka’s men;
The door is built for you to enter the palace,
But the guard will not let you enter,
The guard knows it; you also know that the guard knows it
A simple fact “the gate is built for you to enter”
A mere existence of the door makes you wait till the end,
You remained content with a simple thought of existence,
Existence in isolation, means nothing,
The idea was to enter the palace, not just to have a door,
You can’t blame the guard,
He did what he was supposed to do,
You forgot what you were supposed to do
You ignored the lessons of life;
Here desire gets tormented, feelings are smothered;
Efforts are ameliorated and results get destroyed.
Every yes consists of different “nos”
You are free inside a boundary, and freedom comes with guidelines
These are given conditions,
You may take it as an eternal truth or a mere aberration,
You have to take a decision – decision with far reaching implications
Everything will change – good or bad
I have no answer – no one has one,
Time will decide – any good or any bad
You may want to give it a try!

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