Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Stil Remember

Tired body, exhausted mind, yet no shelter in scene
Few spirited souls and so we kept climbing
No distraction, no disturbance, I remember the voice of air
It was so clear, straight through the ears deep inside the brain
We never had thought - what a soothing sound
Up there amidst the clods, One can talk to oneself,
we learnt how to talk to one's soul - it was so clear and coherent.
We had no purpose and no goal to achieve,
We were climbing, just climbing, nowhere to reach
I remember the pain, bodily pain, sweet bodily pain.
Nothing to prove, nothing to achieve,
It was like those endless journey - had read only in books.
Every meal tasted so good, I still remember
Never again a food tasted so good, never again we could eat so much.
No one questioned, no one advised,
Whoever met climed few miles together.
No constrain of time and no hurry to reach,
Never explored any shortcut - every path was the right path.
No fear of getting lost, no qualm of remembering the way
Everytime we moved ahead, everytime we found a way.
I still remember....

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