Wednesday, January 26, 2011


They always said - life is like this, life is like that
Everyone tried to define counters to make the silhouette more visible
Alas! The more they tried the more blurred it became.
Present never imitated past, future never had a prototype
It can never be many-one function, it could only be one to one function
Still...His life was this, Her life was that, and thus goes yours...
First I thought it was an unknown blunder, committed due to deliberate ignorance
Later I discovered it was the true order of the world - known delusion.
They do everything without considering the Given Condition,
The Given Condition is so much taken that they stop factoring in
They assume the Given Condition is in numerator and denominator, implies redundancy
and thus lies the misery - the equations are non factor-able and non linear.
By the time they discover this unique equation of life ,
The relevance of discovery is killed - remember can only be one to one function.
Now can you see the paradox,
Define the silhouette as non definable - but isn't it non definable!

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