Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I proclaimed myself as God
I decided to win the world
I always convinced myself for something,
That was never there
I tried to be as dense as Jungle,
I aspired to be as vast as ocean,
I deluded myself with real mirage,
Today I am standing at the peak of the mountain,
I can see all around me, the vastness,
I can see the void of valley,
I can experience the loneliness of mountains.
I am standing on the glacier,waiting for it to melt,
I will flow with stone cold water,
There will be movement without effort,
I will go with gravity along the river,
I have a desire to loose my sweetness,
I am waiting to be saline.
I am waiting to converge.
Let there be dams,let there be scorching heat,
I will evaporate; I will drift,
I will condense; I will fall
In the end I will be back again,
Here, here only....

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