Wednesday, August 22, 2012


O dear children! Do you feel dejected the way your ancestors feel? When they see young boys and girls in the grip of violence, When they see young minds entrapped with violent thoughts, When they see young hearts filled with violent propagandas, Their souls cry and their hearts sink! O dear young friends! Have you forgotten? Our land gave birth to the philosophy of non-violence, Our homes always encouraged the feelings of inclusiveness, Our civilization always nurtured the idea of fair justice. O dear future leaders! Are we making our forefathers proud? Do you still remember? A young hand is to build the nation, not to infringe pain A young heart is to love humanity, not to shelter hatred A young mind is to bring innovation, not to nurture ill feelings Let’s think again, let’s brood over. Making a weak suffer is not an achievement, Accepting injustice for anyone is not about humbleness, Violent means cannot bring revolution, Injustice, inequality and intolerance are all violence, and Thinking only for “self” destroys trust. It is time my dear young friends; We stand by each other; we care for one another. We devour violence of every kind and pledge for non-violence of all forms. Let’s vow to make this world a better place to live…..!!!

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