Wednesday, December 26, 2012


It happened on that night of light when the truth supposedly triumphed over untruth. Light, sound and crackers were all around. Everyone was celebrating like everyone else except few both humans and non-humans. To share the happiness exuberated by human beings a non-human, far from being inhuman, with her family ventured out onto the road. The streets were lit and the power backed artificial lights were all around. Twinkling Chinese made LED lights had replaced the traditional Diyas. Diyas could no more remove the darkness that engulfed the city thus a far more powerful electricity based lights were needed.

People in the quest of transforming time to moments were inside the home – talking, eating, playing and drinking! At the same time four or five new-born puppies as joyful and playful as any other kids with their mother were crossing the road. Suddenly a car carrying human beings crossed the road. The driver blew horn, slowed down a little and moved ahead. Suddenly a throaty, plaintive melancholy started and thus erupted a high pitched, body piercing barking sound. The mother was barking and barking as if she was telling the puppy to get up and move, move fast cross the road, some other machine will come and run over. But alas! The poor puppy could only groan! He was trying to move his legs, was shaking his body. May be he could understand what his mother was saying. The pitch black tar turned red. A thin stream of red liquid started to fall in the sewage of the city, which falls in the river that eventually would fall in the ocean – the final destination! The hysterical barking sound of the mother attracted some passers-by. A human, rare creature, saw the puppy trying to get up and walk in vain. He could not resist himself and decided to help the puppy. He tried to lift the puppy, but the poor mother could not trust the human any more. She bit him. The human effort went in vain, but he did not hit the mother. Probably he could understand, understand the psyche of the mother and what an invaluable gift God had given us in the form of language! This violent reaction from the mother, who was constantly barking scared others as well who could think of helping the family.

The car driver reached his destination, which was only a hundred meters ahead. Something went inside his mind and he came back to see the puppy. The moment he came closer to “ground zero”, the mother ran towards him. He was surprised how could the mother recognize him! He kept standing still! The mother left and again went closer to the puppy now lying in the pool of blood. She was barking hysterically, but the poor puppy could hardly even respond now. The driver was shaken to the core. His heart was pumping. Suddenly a blanket of guilt hit his mind and soul like a bullet.

The mother was barking, running as if beseeching to the God. She was not able to digest what had happened. She could not understand why her son was not getting up, why he was discharging that red liquid! Why he did not stop the moan even when she offered her milk – a prized possession for every new-born! The puppy could not even suck! She was puzzled as if wondering whether her milk had lost the attraction! She was circling around her son, who had not even seen the things, not even tasted the tasty bones. She was fighting with the changing emotions of disbelief and anger and helplessness. Her eyes were changing expressions every minute.

The diver could see this, he could see the pain. He could see the disbelief in the eyes of the mother – “why the hell are you not standing”! Suddenly he started feeling the same emotions, he tried to lift the puppy. He desperately wanted to save the puppy. He tried to chase the mother away but in vain. He called up the police, who asked ten questions and asked if it was a domesticated dog. The puppy did not have enough time. He called up two more people. They brought sticks to chase the mother away, this time with some success. They could reach closer to the puppy. It was too late! “The puppy is dead sir” announced the man with the stick. His heart sank with sadness. A thought he had been so strongly trying to avoid trapped him – “how had I felt if it was my child”. Heart filled with guilt; mind occupied with painful thoughts he started walking slowly towards his home. That scene “mother dog barking at her puppy asking him to stand up and the puppy’s fading response”. Oh my god! He sighed. There was no repentance..! It was over…! It was all over..! Live with this guilt forever in life and may be even after..!

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