Thursday, December 13, 2012


My dear friends,
Everyone feels bad, so do you
Nothing peculiar about about it
Sometimes it hurts which results in questioning, questioning yourself
This is where my friend,
Most confirm to conform, and some confirm never to conform.
Majority's ratification is pronounced as "pragmatism", and
Minority's attempt to establish probity is enounced as immaturity.
My dear friends,
People love tagging and being tagged, everything has to have a label
This label or tag is just an illusion, many misconstrue this as reality for identity
Identity is not a prisoner of "labels".
They may invent labels for identities,
But you never search for a label to find an identity.
It is this search for a label that makes you feel bad.
My dear friends,
Milestones in the journey of life is being synonymized as "labels", and
Changing labels has become the vocation of life.
Approval and patronage have become absolutely essential.
Happiness is only relative, performance always needs an audience.
Dissatisfaction is merely a disbelief, and melancholy is a mere disease.
Peace is left only "at peace", and satisfaction is a mere abstraction.
But my dear friends,
Life is so much more beautiful, so much more enjoyable.
One who looks for it always finds it.
Identity based on conformity and mind obsessed with labels
will never lead to the light.
Everyone understands it, few dare to explore...


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