Sunday, November 29, 2015

U - Turn

I know it is hard, very hard,
Living like a wanderer, together yet alone.
We may have everything or a sense of everything;
In the end perception matters!
No one knows what goes inside your mind
You look ok, you look fine;
But I can sense it all - not everything is all"right".
We always do it for each other, that's how it has been since centuries
Are we really doing it on purpose or for a purpose!
I don't know what is going on, may be it is beyond my capacity to comprehend
But there are few things very clear, as clear as a droplet
We are still finding some reason to say something and anything
Let's hope, time or the vicissitudes of time, will lend something to that anything
Many of us, at least I, lost the courage, maybe we never have had one.
But I will not deny my denial for long very long,
I am hopeful may be the acceptance will bring some solace.
We always knew, without exception always knew and even reminded
It was and is a trap, a trap well known yet denied for long.
May be knowing alone was not sufficient or enough, or
Vastness of the road and absence of "a" roadblock created an illusion of continuity!
Some will claim to have felt and experienced many roadblocks and bumps
But these roadblocks served a different purpose - necessary roadblocks on a path of continuity!
This is my friend called "illusion" and that is why they are "illusions"!
There was no continuity, there could not have been a continuity!
Now I know this and so I can sense - not everything is "all"right!
But, this is not the end, not for at least some.
Let's take a different path, a path full of discontinuity
Let's not pre-meditate on "purpose", wait till it comes on its own
Let's not make our words a prisoner of reasons and logic - let's just say my friend!
We will kill the trap, we will make it disappear like a camphor .
It's going to be fine and everything "allright",
Happy fun, real smiles, and no more smiley my friends!
Still wandering but never alone....!!!!




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