Friday, January 15, 2016


You have it and you still long for it
It appears somewhere far away, you know it is a mirage
You know yet you move ahead, just like your predecessors
“Maaya” my friend “Maaya”!
Loneliness is painful, it breaks your heart, and it drives you mad
But there is one thing more painful than this
It is the “feeling of loneliness” – yes my friend the feeling!
This truth makes you wear that mask of being a “friendly person”
The biggest deception my friend is when someone says – “ I am a friendly person”
Loneliness is not dangerous, if you know it is just “Maaya”
Ignorance overwhelms the heart with the “feeling of loneliness”,
And, this is my friend is the real end!
But there are some gifted ones my friend,
They leverage “Maaya”, they exploit it, they squeeze every drop of juice out of it
You can do it, its not very tough but this needs a change
You will have to first believe that it is “Maaya”!
Easier said than done my friend.
What makes it difficult you know my friend?
Humans are selfish – even a selfless act has a selfish motive.
The less powerful a human race, or sect or class or religion
The more selfish they would be!
It will take a while before you understand this because

It is “Maaya” my friend “Maaya” !

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