Saturday, February 13, 2016


My country,
Her lands are barely surviving, soil devoid of fertility
Some covered with buildings and others with pesticides
Rivers are dying and glaciers melting irreversible
Water that was once given as last drop for salvation
Is crying for its last drop !
I just don’t love my country!!!
I love my countrymen!
I love what is there – alive, breathing and looking with hope
My country was never a piece of land, she never had a boundary
She was always a concept and I still love that concept.
Bloody farce nationalists have made it a piece of boundary
People who don’t even have an idea how invaluable this concept is
Are trying to project themselves as its protectorate!
We can hide the filth but someone will have to clean it someday
We can deny the discrimination but someone will have to pay the price
We can ignore the hunger but can we send the hungry to gas chambers
How can I love my country?
We can broaden the road but what’s about our people who are sleeping on roadside
Someone can crush them under tyres and walk free
An abusive word in movie is against national culture but
Kids begging on the roads and busts visible from torn clothes
are national pride!
Here millions wait for days to get a bucket of water
while some wash not just the car but even the tyres with drinking water!
Forget about morality even legality is ignored!
Someone runs AC at 16 in summer and need a blanket
Others are fanning away the heat under the open sky!  
These hypocrite nation lovers!
They form societies want to save the city and the nation
But a different nation! And,
I cannot love that nation!
Millions are without roof, without proper clothes,
They have to sell land to get loved ones treated
Hospitals don’t have doctors, beds and nurses
Schools don’t have buildings and teachers
But we are making a Digital India!
I just cannot love this digital India!
It is such a fraud, such a farce!
Fire of hunger cannot be subsided by national pride
Plight of poor cannot be comforted by foreign reserve
Pain of getting a rail ticket is much times bigger than Visa hassle
Sobbing sound of army widows are more important than
Cheering crowed gathered inside random stadiums
How can I love the country until my fellow countrymen are fighting for a piece of bread!
This is not about one right now or the one in the past
This is just about a "concept" of a country!
My country was always a concept and will remain a concept! 
And I know there are enough believers to keep the faith going!!!

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